What are Some Difficulties Dating in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the wealthiest city-states in Asia. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural metropolis, where people are always in a hurry to go somewhere. Most young Singaporeans are career-minded and dating is somewhere below the middle of their list of priorities in life.

With the number of traditional Singapore dates falling every year, we shall shed some light on what exactly impedes the romantic lives of the people in this bustling city.

Singapore girls think it’s hard to find a boyfriend in the city

Most of the girls in Singapore who are single and in their mid-20s are put under enormous pressure by their families to start a relationship as soon as possible because their biological window to have children is “almost over.” Not surprisingly, this pressure has served to isolate them further and driven them to become completely self-sufficient. Most of these independent women have already been through one or more painful breakups and are currently struggling to combine a developing career with some MA or PhD studies. So, they simply do not have the time to look around for potential partners, even with the dating apps available in the country.

Singaporean guys need to up their game

A recent survey has revealed that eight in ten Singaporean guys are single. However, it appears as if most of these young guys have made a conscious choice to remain single. Popular dating apps like Tinder are what young Singaporeans often rely on to find a match.

Psychologists argue that such a negligent attitude to dating may result in impaired interpersonal communication, which has an adverse effect manifesting itself when a man decides to build a serious relationship. Real-life dates in Singapore are mostly at fast-food restaurants and street markets.

Dating outside your community in Singapore

In the city, there are three big ethnic groups: Chinese, Malay, and people from India and Bangladesh. There are, of course, European and American communities in Singapore. Hundreds of foreigners come to the city-state daily. Unfortunately, it appears very difficult for men to find a date outside their religious group or social circle. Cross-cultural dates aren’t rare, but they seldom grow into full, long-lasting relationships. Of course, there are exceptions, so one should never stop trying.

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